Susan Grosoff-Feinblatt, MS, LPC

Susan Grosoff-Feinblatt pictureSusan Grosoff-Feinblatt, M.S., LPC is a career counselor who is dedicated  to empowering individuals to reach their potential, navigate career transitions and find meaningful work. Susan’s approach is both integrative and holistic and takes into account the many factors that can impact career satisfaction while creating the insights, motivation and planning it often takes to make a successful career transition. As a specialist in career counseling, with an extensive background in career development, Susan has the ability to work with individuals on all levels of career from college planning and major choice, to career change, career advancement, and job search and career management issues.  As a Licensed Professional Counselor she also takes into account the internal and external barriers and challenges that can stand in the way of the client’s ability to make progress.  Through the use of discussion, exercises, career assessments and interventions, she creates a supportive environment that helps clients overcome challenges and achieve their goals.  She holds an English degree from The University of Buffalo and a Masters degree in Counseling and Career Counseling from California State University, Northridge.

On a personal note, Susan made a personal career change herself. When the entertainment business no longer had meaning for her, she realized she needed to make a change but was unable to move forward without help and began working with a career counselor.
Not only did he help her make a successful transition but her own experience created a deep appreciation and belief in this work.

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