CoachRudy Rodriguez, LCSW

CoachRudy Rodriguez, LCSW, specializes in the assessment and treatment of adults, college students and adolescents with ADHD. He has extensive experience working with ADHD since 1981.

CoachRudy Rodriguez, LCSW, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Intrinsic Coach ADHD specializing in ADHD Coaching. Rudy was diagnosed with ADHD in 1983.He has been working with ADHD since 1981. CoachRudy is Founder of the ‘ADHD Center for Success’ and operates the ‘ADHD Clinic’ in Asheville, NC.¬†CoachRudy blends his years of clinical knowledge and expertise of ADHD with his coaching skills and his personal life experience as an adult with ADHD”. ADHD Clinic offers a full spectrum of services for adults, college students and teens.

Clinic services include: ADHD evaluation & diagnostic services,  monitoring ADHD medications, ADHD Coaching and behavioral therapy, seminars, skill based workshops and, support group.

Most medical insurance is accepted.

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